Costanoan Indian Research, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (FEIN: 68-0287736) owned and held by members of the Indian Canyon Chualar Tribe of the Costanoan-Ohlone People, Indian Canyon Nation of California.

Indian Canyon is the only federally recognized “Indian Country” near SF/Silicon Valley Area in the State of California from as far north as San Pablo (city), to as far South as Santa Ynez (city). Indian Canyon has been sacred land and home for Ohlone-Costanoan people for thousands of years.

We seek to improve and enhance the Recognition of Indigenous California Natives; encourage Reciprocity and Responsibility through actions, policies and programs impacting indigenous peoples and land; Respect the Costanoan Ohlone people.

We welcome volunteers, donations, and visitors by appointment only.


Costanoan Indian Research, Inc. (“CIR” est. 1985) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization at Indian Canyon, Hollister, California, owned and held by the Indian Canyon Chualar Tribe of the Costanoan-Ohlone People.

Indian Canyon has served as a safe haven for Indigenous peoples in need of land for ceremony and education. CIR has opened this land to visitors for indigenous studies and rural development. Indian Canyon is the only land continuously held by the Ohlone people, the first inhabitants of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area. Indian Canyon is the the only federally recognized “Indian Country” for 300 miles along central coastal California from San Pablo to Santa Ynez.

Organization Interests

Innovation & Infrastructure
Efficient Program Management
Fair Consumption & Production
Climate Action for Preservation
Regulatory Compliance
Restoration of Indian Country

Tribal Nation Agenda

Tribal Awareness Program
SMARTNative.Org (Addiction Abuse Support)
Educational Programs with Academia
Development of Opioid Alternatives
Scholarship Programs for Native Youth
Research & Development on Ecosystems

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The Mutsun-Ohlone people have maintained and been responsible for this land since time immemorial.


Federally Recognized “Indian Country”

In 1911, United states President William Taft officially recognized Sebastian Garcia and the Chualar Tribe when he signed the Trust Patent granting him and his Tribe and allotment of land , which is now part of Indian Canyon today .


Continuous Legacy of Land Stewardship

Upon Sebastian Garcia’s death in 1933, The Department of the Interior declared his grand-daughter, Elena Sanchez, to be the legal heir of his allotment, thereby designated her as the new Tribal Leader of the small band of the Chualar Tribe in Indian Canyon.


Ann-Marie reclaims ancestral homelands

Upon Elena Sanchez’ death in 1974, her daughter, Ann-Marie Sayers was designated the new Tribal Chairperson of the Costanoan Tribe in Indian Canyon. Ann-Marie updated the Tribe’s name from the Chualar Tribe to the Costanoan Tribe to honor and recognize the region in which Indian Canyon was located.


Opening the land for all Indigenous peoples

Indian Canyon is available to all indigenous people to use for performing traditional ceremonies — something that was prohibited until the 1978 passage of the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. In welcoming other indigenous people to Indian Canyon, Sayers continues the land’s long history as a refuge.


Honor Truth in History

Indian Canyon has in excess of 5,000 visitors annually from a caring host of many indigenous ceremonies and gatherings, fundraisers, school field trips. Indian Canyon is NOT a park, and we are only open to the public BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

If you want to support the growth and sustainability of this refuge for indigenous peoples, please consider making a donation. All donations will support the continual evolution and infrastructure of Indian Canyon.

When you contribute, you support: the revitalization of our sacred traditions, Native ecological restoration, research, consultation, and education, community outreach and reconnection to sacred land, and the rematriation of our ancestral homeland

Volunteer your time, skills, services or internship, including: Grant Writers, Land stewardship, Indigenous Botanical Restoration. Fire/Flood Prevention, and more.


If you want to support the growth and sustainability of this refuge for indigenous peoples, please consider making a donation.

Visit Indian Canyon

Serving as a safe haven for Indigenous peoples in need of land for ceremony – pre and post contact. Located south of Hollister, this private remote Canyon may be visited by invitation and Appointment Only.

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Leadership & Advisors

Kanyon Sayers-Roods

President & Tribal Co-Chair

Ann-Marie Sayers

Founder, Director & Tribal Co-Chair

Tom Bishop – Treasurer & CFO

Charles Heinz – Secretary & EVP

Ishita Sharma – Compliance & Legal Affairs

Cary Peterson – Chief Justice of Tribal Court

Lee Kuck – Interior Director of Tribal Community

Christopher Sayers – Tribal Councilman

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